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07 August 2023 4 min

What to do if your kid is not very interested in drawing or painting?

What to do if your kid is not very interested in drawing or painting?

Though painting or drawing is a great way to enhance the creativity and assist the motor development skills of your child, still some kids may not be interested in painting or drawing or even participating in an art competition for students. So, in those cases, you need to follow several tips to increase your child’s interest in drawing or painting. Some of those tips are here for your help.

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What things can you do to increase your kid’s interest in painting or drawing?

Sometimes several kids need proper encouragement to increase their interest in drawing. You can offer them those encouragements through:

      1.    Offer some interesting things where they can paint

To encourage your child to draw, you can give them some interesting things through which they can have fun while drawing, like:

  • You may encourage them to draw with a paintbrush and water.
  • Drawing on a balloon.
  • Drawing on foil or graph paper.
  • Draw on a cardboard box, etc.

You can also offer them some interesting things like oil pastels, colourful markers, rulers and geometry tools, etc., through which they can enjoy drawing to a great extent.

       2.    Make the drawing process interesting

Give them an interesting and practical reason to paint or draw, such as:

  • Make a painting for their bedroom wall or illustrate a picture book together.
  • Encourage them to send a letter to their family members with some drawings.
  • Create a wrapping paper that is used for wrapping presents and encourage them to draw on that.                                            

       3. Try to involve their whole body

Just sitting at a table and drawing pictures may not be an interesting task for many kids. So, you can think about involving their whole body like:

  • You can make your kid draw a huge picture on a big roll of paper.
  • Place some papers under the swing and let them draw while gliding.


All of these fun things will help you to grow your child’s interest in drawing, and only after having enough interest they can participate in painting and drawing competition for students or kids Art competition online.