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07 August 2023 4 min

How to enter the painting writing contest?

 How to enter the painting writing contest?

As India prepares to celebrate its Independence Day, young people all throughout the country will have the chance to demonstrate their creative prowess and sense of patriotism in a variety of different ways. An annual event called the National Inter-School painting writing contest, also known as "India As I See," has the goal of igniting the enthusiasm of kids and giving them the opportunity to freely express their love for their country through the power of art and words. 

This exciting competition is held every year on the occasion of Independence Day, and it provides as a forum for students to channel their creativity, inspiration, and excitement towards a shared goal: honouring the spirit of India and its rich legacy.  

You can enter the competition by registering on the IndiaAsISee forum. You can register anytime between 1st July-20th August to enter the contest. It is an online event and therefore, you can paint or write from the comfort of your home. Share your work by uploading it and get the results on a predetermined date.  

Promoting Originality and Patriotism  

The competition entitled "India as I See Contest For Students has two primary goals: the first is to encourage young people to be creative, and the second is to instill in those young people a profound feeling of patriotism and pride for their nation.  

Students get the opportunity to go deep into their imaginations and illustrate their one-of-a-kind perspective on India through the use of colours and phrases. They are able to forge a connection with their ancestors, get an understanding of the difficulties and sacrifices made by our nation's liberation warriors, and develop an appreciation for the core principles that contribute to India's status as a nation that is both varied and unified. 

Painting Competition: An Exploration into the Art of Expression 

The painting competition portion of the event is an outpouring of colours, feelings, and tales on the canvases. In this competition, young painters from a variety of schools strive to bring their artistic dreams to life while representing India in all of her grandeur.  

The subjects that are shown in the paintings may change from year to year and may include historical events, cultural celebrations, picturesque landscapes, famous figures, or even future ideas for making India a better place. 

The participants are allowed to use whatever materials they like, including watercolours, acrylics, pastels, or a combination of several types of media.  

When analysing the artworks, the judges look for instances of originality and ingenuity as well as a solid link to the competition's topic.  

The students show their passion for their country as well as their hopes and dreams for its future via the paintings that they create. 

Writing Competition Inspired by Words That Resonate 

Students have the chance to demonstrate their command of the written word by submitting works of poetry, essays, or short stories for consideration in the writing competition. When young authors put pen to paper and write out their thoughts, feelings, and observations on what India means to them, the power of words comes to life. During the writing activity, students are encouraged to explain their views, communicate their opinions, and recount their hopes and goals for India to become a better country. 

The topics that will be covered in the writing contest have been selected with great care to encourage self-reflection and to arouse a sense of national and familial pride in the participants. 

 The participants use their words to construct vivid visions of what India means to them, whether it's an ode to the independence warriors, a tribute to the variety of India, or a cry for social peace. This takes place during the event. 

Providing Motivation for the Next Generation 

Taking part in the National Inter-School painting writing contest is beneficial in many ways than only increasing one's chances of winning awards and gaining notoriety. It fosters students' creative thinking, communication skills, and emotional expression while providing them with an essential educational experience.  

Students get a stronger grasp of their identity as Indians and the responsibilities that come along with it when they interact with topics relating to the history, culture, and society of their nation as they do so during the course of their studies. 

The participants develop a feeling of healthy competitiveness as well as sportsmanship as a result of their participation in the tournament. Students acquire the ability to gracefully accept both success and failure, learning to embrace the notion that the process of creation is just as vital as its final product.  

The encouraging and supportive nature of this spirit of camaraderie helps to create a good environment not just during the event but also after it. 

Increasing Inclusivity While Maintaining Equality 

The "India as I See" competition is intended to be welcoming to all students and open to them regardless of their histories or the conditions in which they find themselves.  

Young people from different locations, schools, and socioeconomic backgrounds are given an equal opportunity to thrive as a result of this level playing field. Because of this commitment to inclusiveness, we can be confident that each and every kid will have an equal opportunity to express their creativity and celebrate their affection for their country. 

The competition has two categories for students- general and differently abled to promote inclusivity.  

An Incomparable Trip Through the World of Expression 

Excitation spreads across schools all around the country as the day of the annual tournament approaches closer and closer. The students' creative endeavours can be greatly aided by the direction and encouragement that they receive from their instructors and other adults in positions of authority.  

The young people who participate go on a voyage of self-discovery and development as they work their way through the process of making artwork or crafting words. 

When it comes to encouraging their children to pursue their interests in art and writing, parents play an equally important role. They transform into fervent supporters, providing their children with encouragement and standing by their side through every stroke of the brush or word that is written. 

Winning Prizes 

The winners receive praises, diplomas, and prizes, but every participant walks away with a priceless sense of pleasure and success in their own performance. Young artists and authors feel a light kindle in their hearts as a result of the competition. This spark inspires them to continue following their hobbies and contribute their unique abilities to the process of building a better India. 

The "India As I See" painting writing contest creates a tapestry of art and words that reflects the goals, hopes, and dreams that people have for India's future. These young brains give life to the vision of a varied, unified, and peaceful nation via the creative expressions that they share with the world.