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03 February 2022 4 min

How to prepare a kid for article writing competition?

How to prepare a kid for article writing competition?

Preparation plays an important role in accomplishing anything. It is critical that your child is thoroughly prepared before competing in any Article Writing Competition. You may be perplexed regarding the methods to employ for training your child. There's no reason to be concerned any longer. We have developed a list of the top strategies and tricks for you to employ.

Ask your kid to read

Before your child begins writing, it is critical that he cultivates the habit of reading extensively. You may encourage your kid to read storybooks and magazines during the pastimes. This will help them to improve their vocabulary and avoid spelling errors when writing.

When a youngster has read a number of stories and plays, he will naturally have an understanding of how to build the fundamental structure of a story. As a result, this technique is quite beneficial to educate children on how to compose stories.

Aside from that, have your youngster read several article examples. If they are assigned a particular theme or topic to write about, ask them to read relevant articles. Reading some of the previous year's articles from the same competition is also a cool trick. In this manner, your child will understand the level of quality in writing necessary to win the competition and will be able to practice accordingly.

Teach your kids some popular quotes

This method might come in handy in any Article Writing Competition. While most students would be using flat paragraphs for writing, your child can stand out by quoting some well-known people. All you need to do is instill in your children the habit of reading and memorizing quotations.

 Teach them how to include a quotation in any writing. Once they've mastered the technique, they'll be able to use these quotations whenever and however they need to, raising the quality of the writings.

 Motivate your child to write. This will stimulate their imagination and creativity. Who knows, maybe when they grow up, they'll be professional content writers grab a nice salary. You should assist them in honing their talents in preparation for the competitions.