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08 May 2024 4 min

The Advanced Guide to Article Writing Competitions In India

The Advanced Guide to Article Writing Competitions In India

Do you know how to win Article Writing Competitions In India ?SSh… We are here to tell you!

The benefits that can be gained from taking part in a writing competition are extensive. It serves as a platform for practising and honing your craft, providing a fantastic opportunity for you to enhance your writing talents.

Practise makes perfect, after all. Participating in such article or painting competitions in India works as a catalyst for increased writing productivity, encouraging you to produce more work and see through the conclusion of your story.

In addition, the possibility of winning a grand prize and receiving monetary compensation is typically associated with the majority of writing competitions.

You will come away from reading this blog with a better understanding of the steps involved in entering a writing competition as well as many tactics that can help you come out on top.

Tips for Winning Article Writing Competitions in India

Find and exploit your sweet spot

 There is a wide variety of creative writing competitions, each of which is designed to cater to the specific qualities of the authors who enter and the subjects that they choose to write about. The more specific the competition is, the more likely it is that you will have an advantage.

Your odds of winning a competition greatly increase when you choose to enter just those competitions that limit entry based on a set of predetermined requirements.

Recognising the competitions that are a good fit for your individual writing voice is crucial. A word of advice: FairGaze offers India As I See creative writing and painting competitions in India that you can enter, giving you a wide variety of opportunities to investigate.

Recognise the Human in Yourself

 It's possible that the idea of beginning a compilation of insights on how to win a writing competition will strike you as unorthodox. But there is a method behind it.

Writing is a fundamentally subjective endeavour in and of itself. A judge may try to say things like "This is good or This is bad” but in the end, their decision is going to be based on their own personal tastes that are going to set them apart from everyone else. The victor will be determined by the particular experiences of the judge as well as some element of luck.

Therefore, what option does the writer have available to them? After presenting your work and keeping your fingers crossed for success, you can move on to writing your next piece of fiction while looking for further competitions to enter at the same time. In the world of contests for creative writing, there is very little else that falls under your scope.


Choose a Topic That Will Evoke Feelings

When judging writing competitions, judges frequently find themselves exhausted by the seemingly never-ending stream of mundane and predictable submissions that frequently make up the pool of available options. Therefore, make an effort to arouse the feelings of your readers.

Start them laughing or bring tears to their eyes, depending on what you are going for. Regardless of the strategy you choose, your end goal should be to strike a direct blow at the emotional centre of the judge.

Put Forward for Evaluation and Criticism

Although it might appear to be stating the obvious, it is important to emphasise this point once more! Every prospective student should review their writing before submitting. Believe us when we say that even a minimal amount of editing can considerably improve your status in the eyes of those who are picky about what they read. It is actually astounding how many authors miss this crucial stage in the writing process.

Observe the Submission Guidelines

Again, it might seem like common sense, but the complexities of the entry criteria for article writing competitions in India can sometimes lead writers to ignore these seemingly insignificant things.

Keep in mind that entries that DO NOT correspond to the above requirements risk being immediately disqualified for the competition. In the event that your submission to the writing contest meets all of the requirements, congratulate yourself on a job well done. It looks like the chances are going to be in your favour!

Choose Material That Is Appropriate for the Competition

While there are a number of writing and painting competitions in India that do not require an entry fee, the vast majority of writing competitions do require some sort of payment to participate. As a consequence of this, it is poor judgement to take part in a competition that is not a good fit for the precise contribution you have made.

Surprise and awe your readers

When it comes to reading submitted works of creative writing, editors aren't afraid of the commonplace. Give them an experience they haven't had before, and you will distinguish yourself apart from the rest of the pack. An effective surprise finish may be predicted right from the beginning, but if the article diverts your attention away. This might make the outcome wholly unexpected in the process.

In the end, it is essential to be aware that winning an article writing competitions in India, could result in advantageous outcomes. Additional benefits apart from wining certificate and awards exist, such as the possibility of obtaining helpful criticism and the challenge of working under a predetermined time limit, which provides the push to bring your article to a satisfying conclusion.