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08 May 2024 4 min

The History of Celebration Independence Day For Students

The History of Celebration Independence Day For Students

On August 15, 2023, India will celebrate its Independence Day, which will be an important historical moment. Preparations are now being made for the holiday, where students can enter online essay writing contest for India.

After over two centuries of administration by the British, this day is a melancholy reminder that the nation was finally freed from colonial authority by the British.

This year's celebration of Independence Day will centre on the motto "Nation First, Always First," which will serve as the organising principle for all of the activities that will take place on that day.

A Glance Into the Past: The Origins of Independence Day

The Indian Independence Bill was presented to the British House of Commons on July 4, 1947. This was the first step that eventually led to the end of British domination in India after two centuries, which occurred on August 15, 1947. On July 18, 1947, the British government passed the Indian Independence Act, which was a significant factor in the development of the Indian Independence Movement.

Many people, including Mahatma Gandhi, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Subhas Chandra Bose, amongst many others, devoted themselves to India's campaign for independence from British rule. A great number of courageous people gave their lives in order to secure their nation's independence.

Role of Students

The celebration of Independence Day is of critical significance since it helps to foster patriotism and solidarity among citizens. Schools contribute to the development of well-informed and responsible citizens who have a high esteem for the independence of their nation when they celebrate Independence Day with activities that are both unique and interesting.

In addition to this, it gives students a unique chance to investigate the history, core beliefs, and cultural heritage of their own country. This gives them a very useful opportunity to do something for their country.

Participating in a wide range of activities such as writing contest in India can not only inculcate a feeling of patriotism in students but also contribute to the student’s overall development. This online activity is an important part of the role that schools can play in this celebration.

Students can develop their creative potential, embrace the principles of unity and responsibility. They can also obtain new perspectives on the process by which their nation attained its independence by participating in these events.

The Importance of Celebrating Our Nation's Independence


Independence Day is a national holiday in India, and it serves as a painful reminder of the sacrifices made by fighters to advance the liberation movement and secure the nation's independence from British rule.

The illustrious Indian National Flag, which was designed by Pingali Venkayya, is said to signify bravery, self-sacrifice, peace, and prosperity. The Ashok Chakra, which can be found at the flag's centre, is said to symbolise the wheel of life.

Participation of Students in Celebrations Honouring India’s Independence Day

Students need to have a sense of patriotism instilled in them, and educational institutions play a critical part in this process. FairGaze have planned an India As I see online essay writing contest for India.

We have planned the online activity so that Independence Day can be celebrated while also educating students about the history and ideals of the nation. Students can enter essay, painting, and drawing competitions where they can perform activities revolving around the Indian Independence Theme.

Schools can also create new activities to involve students in India’s Independence Day celebration. Some of the activities include:

  • Students can be engaged and their understanding of the significance of the day will be deepened through the organisation of writing contest in India and speech competitions.
  • Putting on plays or skits that depict the battles fought by freedom fighters and India's path to independence.
  • Participating in solemn flag-raising ceremonies to pay tribute to the nation's independence.
  • Putting up displays of traditional Indian dances as a means of honouring the nation's illustrious past.
  • Putting on films that focus on the fight for India's independence and the country's cultural diversity.
  • The organisation of sporting competitions with patriotic themes, such as flag relay races and other activities.
  • Students are being encouraged to design patriotic t-shirts so that they can creatively exhibit their patriotism.
  • Facilitating trips to important historical locations in order to cultivate a more profound awareness for Indian heritage.
  • Inspiring a sense of national pride and patriotism in one's students by having them sing patriotic songs.
  • The exhibiting of Indian art, handicrafts, and cultural practises through various shows and exhibitions.
  • Keeping up the joyful attitude by coordinating coordinated marching movements with the Indian flag.
  • Motivating children to design rangoli patterns and decorate their classrooms is a great way to inject some festivity into the environment.
  • Competitions in painting and sketching, teachers can encourage students to express their patriotism via the artwork they make.
  • Students can celebrate their heritage by dressing up as historical people and competing against one another in online costume contests.
  • Increasing student’s awareness of India's history by administering quizzes and suggesting books that students should read that are patriotic in nature.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to tell the stories of unheralded warriors who battled for the independence of the nation.
  • Fostering creative expression by embellishing candles with a tricolour motif and participating in art and craft projects that make the most of recyclable materials.
  • Helping kids create tricolour badges that capture the spirit of Independence Day and guiding them through the process.

In preparation of India’s Independence Day, students can come together to pay homage to national heroes and honor their country. By enrolling in online essay writing contest for India, students can look forward to a future that is shaped by shared ideals of respect and unity.