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07 August 2023 4 min

Why should you participate in Student Competitions?

Why should you participate in Student Competitions?


Why should you put in the time and effort to enter a competition when you're not even sure you'll get something in return? Participating in a competition is a useful activity for various reasons: you learn a lot, you have a greater chance of winning than you think, and you may obtain significant experience for your CV.

 Learning, learning, and more learning

The biggest incentive to compete is that participation in competition allows you to learn a lot. A student Article Writing Competition is an excellent learning environment since failing has no severe consequences and you may compare your abilities in the topic to others in a fail-safe atmosphere. When you create your contribution, you go deeply into a subject and grow better at it - plus it's enjoyable! Participating in competitions when the topic is not in your major area allows you to learn a lot while also discovering that it was exactly that field in which you excelled.

You frequently have a good probability of winning.

Despite large prize monies and expensive prizes, many competitions do not receive a large number of entries. Trust us. We wouldn't be in business otherwise. It is not uncommon for competition organizers to complain about the difficulty of enticing students to enter. If you win their prizes, you will make their day. The more niche a competition, the more likely the number of competitors is minimal, and thus you have a far better chance of winning it. So, whether you have skills in an area such as Arts&Design, Business, Social Sciences, Technology, or Engineering, go for it!

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It is advantageous to your CV.

Companies recognize that participation in a competition requires a significant amount of work on the side of a student and, as a result, respect it when hiring. It demonstrates your ambition and willingness to compete and be assessed against others.


Get the push you need to start your own business.

Participating in an Essay Competition for Students is a terrific way to get started if you've ever contemplated establishing a business. You are then compelled to consider your concept and write it down, making it simpler. There are several entrepreneurship-, idea-, and business plan contests, both worldwide and local, where you may win money, guidance, and other tools to get your company concept off the ground. Most contests also include comments and mentoring for your proposal.


Even if you do not receive a reward! If winning is your primary motivator, you should look for a new form of competition. The finest essay contests ask a question or present a topic that intrigues you.


Having your abilities recognized is just the icing on the cake; it validates your ability to customize information to an audience and your dedication to research. However, judges in various competitions seek different writing styles, and not winning does not decrease your skill or the worth of your education.


What you learn from the process, not what a panel thinks of your work, makes you a better applicant.


Success has a shortcut.

Your grades aren't as excellent as they could be, but you still believe you're extremely intelligent? Participate in - and win - events to demonstrate that you are still competitive! Several of the Poetry Writing Competition winners were not academic standouts, but they have demonstrated their worth in combat by winning competitions. It is a risky, yet realistic, technique for achieving success in life. Participate in your first competition now and discover the delights of competition. Naturally, you will not always win and will most likely not win at first, but if you keep competing, you will learn the game and finally win. The allure of competing is that the outcome is entirely dependent on you and your abilities.


Character development

Contests provide an opportunity to push oneself. It helps to bring out the best in you, similar to how diamonds sparkle after being subjected to pressure. Competitive settings teach you not to crumble under pressure, which is an important quality to have when starting work.


Improve your resume

Participating in a contest that requires abilities related to your professional path demonstrates your interest in that particular sector. So, let your colors stand out. Earn a status and highlight your accomplishments on your résumé. Competing for a title, crown, or trophy necessitates confidence and the courage to tackle the obstacles that arise. Remember that your main competitor here is yourself; the other participants are there to bring out the best in you. Keeping one's eyes on the prize is certainly motivational. However, whether you win or lose, the experience is gratifying because you learn essential life skills that will help you deal with other circumstances in the future.


You gain valuable research skills.

The bread and butter of any modern degree are research skills, but they can be difficult to acquire within the limits of a traditional school curriculum, while relevant material is available at the touch of a mouse. Essay contests allow you to delve a little further into a selected subject, and you will almost certainly have to sift through some more academic writing. Your academic research abilities will improve as a result. Furthermore, essay competitions are a terrific opportunity to develop independent thought and boost your university application, since admissions authorities want to know that the students they pick are capable of coping with what they're entering into. After improving your analytical abilities via essay competitions, you will have demonstrated that you can.


Reading is inferior to writing.

The thrill of completing a piece of high-quality written work is one of the finest motivations to participate in an Online Essay Competition. It's something to be proud of, and with reason. Writing not only helps you develop your communication abilities, but it also teaches you how to think. If you utilize readings to create an argument rather than merely putting them away in the back of your mind, you will be able to consolidate your thoughts far better. Keeping your thoughts inside word restrictions allows you to frame subtle connections more simply. These abilities are now far more significant than knowledge recall or memorization. Writing exercise also increases fluency and clarity, which is always a good thing.


They do not require any financing or prior knowledge.

Most essay competitions are free to participate, and you may write a decent essay using your own ideas and public resources. They may be done at any time and in any location, and panels frequently accept contributions from all around the world.


Most may be discovered online if you seek around - a fast Google search generally yields the most trustworthy ones. These and many more possibilities are available to anybody, regardless of past experience.


Make contact with top employers.

Competitions may also be used to engage with prominent employers, such as Google, Facebook, or IBM, who are ordinarily tough to approach, in an environment that puts you and your abilities on display. You may connect regardless of your official school background if you have the ability to win a competition. Applying through traditional recruiting channels may be time-consuming, and many excellent students fall through the gaps and never have the chance to work for their desired business. Traditional application requirements are mostly centered on academic excellence, which may or may not reflect your genuine potential and skill set.


Instead, take a chance and enter their tournaments! If you are competent enough to be invited to the finals, you may get the opportunity to meet with top management and wow them in person with your persistence and enthusiasm. Still not persuaded that entering student contests is the best approach to finding your dream job? L'Oreal recruits roughly one-third of all graduate interns through its challenges! And virtually all of the big businesses hold some kind of student competition.


The time to enter is now!

Typically, deadlines govern essay competitions. While this may appear to be frightening and overwhelming, it is the primary reason to begin immediately. You won't be able to delay with such short deadlines.


Similarly, several are only limited to specific year groups or age categories, so grasp every chance that comes your way. This demonstrates initiative and provides you with more information and abilities to work on later. These new abilities can be used to another competition, a job, a summer course, or your degree.



If you enter an essay competition in one field and discover that road is not for you, that is fantastic! You can simply submit the essay and move on. You've discovered useful facts about yourself and your hobbies.


The earlier you begin competing, the more options you will have. Trying various contests at different times and in different industries provides your career exploration some structure. It may also inspire you to enroll in a summer course, such as those offered at Oxford Scholastica, to go further deeper into a topic of interest.


This preparation implies that when it comes time to choose a course, your decisions will be a lot more informed. Who knows, maybe you'll find a niche.