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07 August 2023 4 min

How to prepare your kid for a poetry competition

How to prepare your kid for a poetry competition

Winning any competition is not possible without proper preparation. So, if you wish the successful participation of your child in any poetry competition for student, you should take the responsibility of preparing them for the event. Now, you may wonder how you can prepare your kid for a poetry competition, then, here are a few tips to help you out. These tips will help you to train your child in a faster, easier, and an efficient way.

Tips to prepare your kid for poetry competition for student

 1.    Selecting the poem

Based on the topic or the program’s rules, you should select a poem that your child likes to recite. When your child is able to understand the poem clearly, he/she can remember and recite it much faster. You should choose only those poems which your child can represent correctly. So, selecting the right poem is one of the most crucial factors that need your careful consideration when you are thinking about preparing your kid for a poetry competition.

 2.    Understanding the potential of your child

There are some beautiful poems that not everyone can learn quickly and recite on a stage. So, while selecting a particular poem for your child, you should consider some vital factors like the theme, intonation, rhyming pattern, pronunciation, or the expression of the poem. Along with this, your child’s interest regarding participation also matters a lot.

If your child does not have the right amount of interest in participating, then you should not force him/her.

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3.    Reading the poem

This is a very crucial step in the process of preparing your child for a poetry competition for student. Before memorizing the poem, you should encourage your child to read the entire poem with accurate pronunciation, rhythm, fluency, modulation, and intonation. All words of the poem need to be read with proper pace and clarity. Only after your child becomes familiar with the poem he/she can remember and recite it accurately.

4.    Rules of the competition

Before applying for any competition, you should check the rules of the competition carefully in order to avoid any unwanted situation in the future.


Therefore, if you wish to prepare your kids for a poetry competition for student or an article writing competition for students, you should follow these tips and enjoy preparing your children.