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14 July 2022 4 min

Article and Poetry Writing Competition

Article and Poetry Writing Competition

If you can understand your children talent, and want that talent to be taken as children own choice for skill or as a career choice for the future. They first need to enhance it day by day; to understand the real meaning of their talent and how they can use those in their prospects as other career choices apart from their regular academic studies. We at Fairgaze have focused on designing such a contest that will be helping your child understand and enhance their talent on the right track and also help them in accepting the loosing with a positive attitude to do much better in the next contest.

How India As I See programme helps children with article and

                           poetry writing talent?

Some children are good at drawing some are exceptional in painting and a few are good at debate. Similarly few are talented with exceptional writing various articles, few children can make poems from their imagination and transcribe them in their own words. Fairgaze programme has designed a few contests which include article writing competition along with poetry competition, drawing and painting competition are also included. These competitions will also make the children do their best to win it and even they lose they won't be going empty hand as e-certificates are being provided as the certification of participation, which in turn will make them realize to see where they can improve themselves more to be good at writing the article and how to make their poetry more meaningful and enjoying.

How to Participate in India As I See contest?

If you have a pen then you must need to understand its power! With the pen, children can write their mind and can do the creativity of words and sentences, also by participating in article writing competition their talent will be judged by the experts who will be choosing the best article among the various participant of same classes on the basis on which the topics are provided. For applying for the poetry competition also first children need to register their details at Indiaasisee fairgaze where classes are divided based on topics.

For class 6-8 topic for poetry: Freedom fighter and their struggle, new normal world.

For class 9-12 topic for the article: Independence day celebration during COVID-19, School importance- Missing school or not.

Children need to select their topic and then write and upload the article and poetry on the site and share on our page where the best article will be selected and the winner will be given an award for their talent.

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