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03 February 2022 4 min

How Fairgaze online contest is beneficial for school students?

How Fairgaze online contest is beneficial for school students?

With the increase of the digital era, nowadays even students are also opting more for digital or online study material. So many schools are teaching students online. Similarly, Fairgaze India as I see is conducting an online contest for students, which not only will be making it easier for the school student even for the children with special needs to showcase their talent online from their places. As it's conducted online so many students around the country will be able to participate and can check where they stand in the country based on their particular talent. Our Fairgaze online contest for students has a varied programme for the student of the various class.

What kinds of programmes are there in Fairgaze India as I see contest?

Our online digital contest has some programmes like article writing where children who have a love for writing can show their talent, poetry writing, essay writing are also some of the lists which are added in our online contest. But every child is not fond of writing; so for them, we have drawing and painting competitions which will be enjoyable activities for such children. They can have their imagination drawn on paper but with creativity and also by participating in these online contests they can learn many new things about their talent. As topics will be provided on our page, and children will be having time to get themselves prepared for the contest.

How to participate in Fairgaze online contest for students?

To participate in Fairgaze India as I see online contest for students children need to log in to our website and register themselves for the contest. They have to select from the topics that have been provided based on their class, as we have divided the classes from nursery, LKG, UKG as one group class 1st to 5th as different; similarly 6th to 8th  then 9th to 12th student in one group. So before uploading your work children need to see in which section and what topic they have been provided. After topic selection, they can complete their work offline and just upload their work on our page in the upload section and share it on the Fairgaze page, once the work is uploaded and shared before the last date provided they have to wait for the result. After the declaration of the resulting winner will be awarded the prize and the other students will be receiving the certificate of participation. So get your child to register for the online contest on our page and let their talent get recognized.