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16 May 2022 4 min

How to develop and nurture the creativity of your child?

How to develop and nurture the creativity of your child?

Research shows that any creative endevor like storytelling, painting, or creating stuffed toys can make children much happier. With the right kind of environment and encouragement, you can easily help your kids to develop and nurture their creative skills and give shape to their imaginations. Creativity comes in different forms, such as writing, reading, painting, acting, dancing, and many more. Not only can the creative skills of your children help them to perform better in school, but they also can help them to show strong functioning abilities. They can also win an art competition or painting competition for student.

Thus, developing and nurturing the creativity of your child is important. So, here are some tips through which you can nurture creativity within your child.

    1.    Encourage new experiences and curiosity

Research shows that people who are interested in new ideas and experiences are usually more creative than those who are not interested. There are many children who love to seek new things like games, foods, activities, etc. in those cases; you need to just encourage them and offer them a few opportunities to pursue those things that they wish to learn.

However, there are some students who may be more closed off than there are other options. You may encourage them to solve sudoku or crossword puzzles because those help in increasing openness. Childhood is a period when openness of character grows. So, you can try those ways to increase the openness of the character of your child.

If your child likes to play, you can encourage him/her to try a new sport and practice that more often.

   2.    Offer a creative environment

If you wish to develop and nurture the creativity of your child, you need to ensure that your child feels comfortable and relaxed at home. Only in a comfortable environment your child can greatly contribute and express their creativity to a great extent. It is necessary to allow them to think properly and express their ideas. Moreover, only through the right kind of encouragement your child can explore their creative ideas and do better in any art competition for students.

   3.    Inspire unique and big thoughts

You can encourage curiosity within your child by encouraging them to ask questions. Questions not only encourage creative thinking but also insist them to gain more knowledge.

   4.    Offer creative resources

Even though several creative activities like singing, role play, drama, and dance don’t need resources; however, some others need resources. No matter what kind of creative task your child feels like doing, you should offer them the resources that they need. For example, if your child likes to draw, you need to ensure that there can be plenty of paints, paper, and pens in a place, where your child can easily use them; thus, they can be creative whenever they feel like doing something special.

To do this, you don’t need to invest a lot of money; just a few items can be enough and capable of encouraging your little one to become innovative.


    5.    Help your child to evaluate their best ideas

If your child is a creative person by nature, then it is crucial to be able to properly evaluate and choose his/her best idea. To encourage the creativity of your child, it is crucial to properly evaluate and select the best idea for your child. Your child a come out with several solutions to a single problem; however, their creativity can not nourish if they select the one idea that is less interesting. So, you should not be too harsh on your child and help them to select the right option. However, if you are too soft, your child may not become creative enough to the full extent.

If your child asks for your suggestion, you need to ensure that you provide good feedback only after your child has done enough brainstorming. You may also encourage them to think a little more and find out something unique.

    6.    Give your child some open-ended toys

Open-ended toys come with limitless creative possibilities. Something like building sets, blocks, dressing up clothes, or toy animals can be used in several ways and also can encourage innovative ideas and creativity.

    7.    Mix up the environment

Trying to be creative in the same environment regularly can be boring for your child. Thus, it can be better if you mix up the time. You can take your child to the park or garden, or even visit a museum or walk on the roads to boost their imagination and encourage them to become more creative.

    8.    Tell them it’s good to be different

Just because something needs to be done in a specific waydoesn’t mean that you cannot be different. It’s essential to let your child know that it’s okay to do or learn something different. It is not essential to do the common things, and they can do what they feel like doing. Having no limitations can help your child to become more innovative in life. Thus, your child can be the winner of an art or Poetry competition for student.

    9.    Role-play

You can create a few role-play situations to develop and nurture the creativity of your child in an exciting and funny way. Role-playing also helps children to develop a strong problem-solving approach when problems arise in real life. Here are a few funny role-playing ideas like police, doctor, teacher, or fantasy character to ignite the imagination of your child.

   10. Show your creative imagination

Children can learn much more from what you do than what you say. This means that if you can show your creativity actively, your kids will also wish to do the same. By doing so, you can tell your child that anyone can try to be creative, and also, there are several ways to become creative. Moreover, by doing this, you can engage your child in your creative endeavours.


Therefore, there are many ways through which you can develop and nurture the creativity of your child and encourage them to participate in an art competition for students.