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14 July 2022 4 min

Platform For The Student With A Special Talent

Platform For The Student With A Special Talent

Can you let your children talent be limited to certain areas? Due to lack of exposure to the right information or not being able to give them the right platform for their talent to be recognized. Because sometimes parents themselves don't know where to take their child so their talent can be recognized and polished more to get enhanced. Thanks to the internet, smartphone and laptop availability which had created a path for the children to showcase their talent on the right platform. Although school going children do have access to such a platform what about those special children? Those who are not going to school but are blessed with the talents which need to be enhanced by the guardian and parents.

Benefits of India as I see the contest at Fairgaze

Many of us are aware of the beauty pageant Miss World and Miss Universe contest occurring which give recognition and identity to the winner around the world. Similarly, fairgaze India as I see platform gives the children with various talents like drawing, painting, poetry writing, essay writing etc provide the chance to showcase their talent with the medium of the social platform which is highly recognized around the world and in India. Fairgaze India as I see drawing competition and painting competition are the contest that will give the children to showcase their talent to bring their imagination into reality with the power of sketch and brush.

How to Participate in the contest?

Before applying for the contest children need to register themselves into the site of  indiaasisee where various programmer details are given. The children participating in drawing competitions or painting competitions are being provided with the topics.

 For classes Nursery, LKG and UKG

The national bird, National flower, National animal

For class 1st to 5th

National heritage, Favorite festival

Children need to choose their topic based on their class category and select the topic and draw and paint their chosen topic and then in the upload section on the site, they need to upload their work and share it on the Facebook page of fairgaze India as I see and then wait for the result. After declaring the winner award is also given to the winner and also if children do not win, they are provided with a certificate of participation in the form of an e-certificate.