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07 August 2023 4 min

Rules for the 2023 Art and Writing Contest

Rules for the 2023 Art and Writing Contest

As the date of Independence Day draws closer, there is an increasing amount of expectation and enthusiasm over the India As I See -National Inter-School Painting and Writing Competition.

The event is a celebration of creativity, talent, and patriotism, and it is going to portray a vibrant picture of India through the eyes of India's young residents.

This drawing contest, which is being held in honour of Independence Day, gives children in the third through twelfth grades the opportunity to let their creative juices flow and demonstrate their artistic and literary prowess.

Categories of the Competition

The participants are given the option of selecting one of several topics that encourage introspection for their submissions. These themes are in keeping with the spirit of Independence Day and incorporate diverse facets of India's rich cultural history as well as the country's long battle for freedom. Participants can choose a topic for each grade level that speaks to their individual interests, passions, and sources of inspiration.

For Grades 3rd – 5th: Young artists can "Paint India" using the topics:

1. The Indian Flag

2. Indian Heritage

3. Favorite Festival

On the other hand, aspiring poets and writers can embrace the "Power of the Pen" and explore themes like:

1. Freedom Fighters and Their Struggle

2. Swapno Ka Bharat (India of Dreams)

Word Limit: Entries for poetry and essays in Grades 3rd to 5th must not exceed 200 words.

For Grades 6th – 8th: Budding artists can "Paint India" with themes such as:

1. Indian Heritage

2. Festivals

3. Culture

Young poets and writers can capture the essence of patriotism through the "Power of the Pen," exploring topics like:

1. Freedom Fighters and Their Struggle

2. India and its Culture

Word Limit: Poetry and essays for Grades 6th to 8th should be kept within 150 words.

For Grades 9th – 12th: The "Paint India" theme opens up avenues for creativity with topics like:

1. Indian Heritage

2. Favorite Festival

3. Indian Soldier

Participants can delve into poignant themes through the "Power of the Pen," expressing their thoughts on:

1. Freedom Fighters and Their Struggle

2. New Normal World

Word Limit: For Grades 9th to 12th, poetry and essays should not exceed 200 words.

Rules for India As I See contest

Eligibility Criteria: Students in grades 3-12 from any school, non-governmental organisation (NGO), or community in India are encouraged to participate in the India As I See Writing and drawing contest to exhibit their creative abilities. The competition is open to all pupils and particularly welcomes their participation, including those with disabilities.

Duration of the Contest: The contest will run from the first of July to the twentieth of August, giving participants plenty of time to get their submissions ready and send them in.

Fee for Participation: In order to help defray the cost of organising and managing the competition, a small participation fee will be assessed to each submission. The costs are differentiated according to the type of students enrolled and the time of registration.

For General Category students:

· Early bird registrations from 1st to 15th July - INR 100 per entry

· Registrations from 16th to 30th July - INR 200 per entry

· Registrations from 1st August to 20th August - INR 300 per entry

For Specially-abled students:

· Early bird registrations from 1st to 15th July - Free of charge

· Registrations from 16th July to 20th August - INR 200 per entry

Registration Process: To participate in the India As I See Art and Writing Contest, follow these simple steps:

1. Eligible students can register individually or through their schools, NGOs, or community centers.

2. Obtain the registration form from the contest's official website or contact the organizing committee for a copy.

3. Complete the registration form with accurate personal details and the chosen category (Paint India or Power of the Pen).

4. For specially-abled students, provide the necessary documentation or certificates as proof.

5. Ensure the payment of the applicable participation fee through the specified payment modes mentioned on the website.

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Promoting Patriotism and Nationalism

It is not just about winning awards that makes the "India As I See" Art and Writing Contest so exciting; rather, it is a celebration of creativity and an avenue for young minds to express their love for their homeland.

By taking part in this drawing contest, students will be able to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of Independence Day, paying tribute to the bravery of those who fought for independence and appreciating the cultural diversity of India.

The purpose of the competition is to foster a feeling of patriotism and nationalism in students, as well as to encourage them to take pride in their history and constructively contribute to the expansion and improvement of the nation.

It encourages students to become responsible and compassionate citizens by fostering a profound connection with the principles and ideas that defined India's road to freedom.

The "India As I See" contest is an amazing canvas of creativity and fervour, and it's going to be filled with works from young painters who are painting their imaginations and young writers who are writing patriotic poetry.

Let us join forces and show our support for these gifted youngsters as they celebrate the spirit of independence and the promise of a unified and thriving nation by expressing their love for India through the power of art and language.